Director's Message

`I feel it, a matter of honour as the Director of Anand Super 100. I also feel proud to have a team of highly qualified, well experienced & outstanding faculty members, who have joined my team to bring up this institute to a level of excellence. We also feel soothing to receive such an excellent response from the student community who has shown keen interest in joining our institute.

In. today’s competitive word, one can get success only through dedication to the cause & continuous hard work.

Public service is a stimulating, proud & lively Enterprise. It is not just a way of life, It is a way to live fully. The Civil Services provides ample of opportunity to translate your dreams to serve the nation in to reality. Given the nature of job, it requires certain administrative qualities like practicing ‘artful articulation’ & thinking out of box. With the widening horizons of governance & emerging Challenges.

The work of civil servants has also accept new challenges & responsibilities. With these indispensable needs of administration, the State PSC & UPSC also examines the presence of such qualities through the various stages of examination process in the aspirants.

I am reminded a famous saying of the legendary Henry David - ‘‘It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is what are we busy about.’’ Hence it is important that we bask under the glory fo right guidance helping us to get the real vision, as an art of seeing invincible in the context of demands of the civil service examination.

We Intended to predict success for your creating conditions for achieving the same & not just by a theoretical assumption.

The Credentials of the Great Arjuna were beyond doubt, but even he required Lord Krishna to act as a friend, Philosopher & guide to achieve his true potential. In essence the need of Guru who visualizes the work of guiding the aspirants as a spiritual vocation & not a job assumes critical significance in the journey of becoming a civil servant.

We, as a group of highly committed individuals who adhere to the highest values of this divine worked of guiding the civil services aspirants, promise a sincere & dedicated effort to help you conquer success in the examination.

director anand sir