Discussion regarding Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC)

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC), which is a constitutional body of the state, Madhya Pradesh Administrative Service (Deputy District Head), Madhya Pradesh Police Service (Deputy Superintendent), Jail Superintendent, Excise Superintendent, Commercial Tax Officer, District Registrar and Nayab Tehsildar etc. Conducted the Civil Services Examination each year to select the candidates for prestigious services like. Each year millions of candidates sit in this examination to try their luck. However, few of them get the good fortune of being entrusted with the title of 'Nation's Architect' (Nation's Architect). The 'Madhya Pradesh Civil Services Examination' is mainly done in three phases (initial, main and interview), which are as follows:

  • preliminary examination

    The first phase of the Madhya Pradesh Civil Services Examination is called the Early Examination. Its nature will be two question papers of objective type (multiple choice) in the initial examination. Each question paper will be structured according to the following scheme-

    Sr. Subject Period Maximum Marks
    First question paper general Studies 02 Hour 200
    Second question paper General aptitude test 02 Hour 200

  • This examination is only taken as a scrutiny test. Candidates, on the basis of the marks obtained in this examination, are declared qualified / qualified for the main examination. The final selection list will be made only on the basis of the main examination and the marks obtained in the interview. The nature of the primary examination is as follows-

  • 1. Both question papers will be of objective type (multiple choice). There will be four possible answers for each question that will be grouped in A, B, S and D, one of which will be the correct answer. The candidate is expected to sign only one answer from the A, B, S, or D, which he has correctly considered in the answer sheet.

  • 2. Each question paper will contain 100 questions of 2 to 2 points. Each question sheet will be of 200 marks and the length of each question paper will be 2 hours.

  • 3. The cutoff in the preliminary examination is determined only on the basis of the first question paper i.e. on the basis of general studies. The second question paper is only Qualify format.

  • 4. Each question paper will be in Hindi and English.

  • 5. The system of 'negative marking' in both papers is not applicable.

  • 6. Objections will be received in the period of 07 days from the online method by publishing the questions asked in the examination and the key to its model answers, published on the Commission's website www.mppsc.nic.in and www.mppsc.com.

  • Main examination

    The number of candidates appearing in the main examination will be 15 times more than the number of vacancies and the same marks obtained (class / category) candidates will also be declared eligible for main examination.

  • Main examination The second phase of the Madhya Pradesh Civil Services Examination is called the Main Examination.

  • The main objective of the preliminary examination is that only some of the serious and qualified candidates should be selected and the actual examination should be conducted between those chosen candidates.

  • Madhya Pradesh Main Examination will be a total of 06 question papers and all the question papers will be mandatory-

    Sr. Subject Period Maximum Marks
    First question paper General Studies - I 03 Hours 300
    Second question paper general Studies – II 03 Hours 300
    Third question paper general Studies – III 03 Hours 300
    Fourth question paper general Studies – IV 03 Hours 200
    Fifth question paper General hindi 03 Hours 200
    Sixth question paper Hindi essay writing 02 Hours 100
    Interview 175
    Totals 1575

  • All the question papers, except the question paper of general Hindi and Hindi essay writing, will be available in Hindi and English medium. Candidates can only take the examination in North language which they have selected in the form of medium in their main examination application form.

  • The number of questions, type of questions and the guidance format of the word boundary for the answers in the examination papers are as follows:

  • In the first, second and third question paper of general knowledge, two sections A and B will remain. Each segment will be of 150 digits. A separate answer sheet will be provided for each segment. There will be 15 very short answers, 10 short answers and 03 essay questions in each section.

  • There will be only one section in the fourth question paper and 15 very small scale and 15 short summary brief comments will be included in the question paper and questions of short term related to one or two case studies will be asked. The number of questions can be changed.

  • The first, second, third and fourth question papers of general knowledge will be provided in Hindi and English medium. The candidate can choose to write the answer in one language from Hindi or English medium.

  • Significantly, where the initial examination is complete objective, in the main exam, descriptive or individual questions are asked with different word boundaries. These questions will not have to choose the answer from different options. Rather, write in your own words. That is why having good writing style is very important to succeed in the main exam.

  • Interview

    The final and important phase of the Civil Services Examination is called Interview.

  • Neither option is given for the correct answer like the initial examination nor there are facilities for selection of questions from its facility under some of the main exam papers. It is compulsory to answer every question and you can also ask for a counter-response on every answer. Every wrong or light reply Negative marking ', and worse, unlike the first two phases of the examination, there is no definite course for it. Whatever is possible in the world is part of its curriculum. Actually, this test is in its nature only that it is natural for the candidate to be restless.

  • A total of 175 points has been set for interview in the Civil Services Exam conducted by MP PSC. Compared to the marks of the main exam (1400 points) the prescribed marks are definitely less, but these points have a special contribution in final selection and posting.

  • Candidates' personality is tested during the interview, in which the oral questions are asked by the members of the Interview Board at the place specified in the Commission, whose answers have to be answered verbally in the candidate. This process usually runs for 40-50 days according to the number of candidates.

  • Final merit list (merit list) is prepared on the basis of the main examination and the sum of the marks obtained in the interview.