Discussion about the foundation course

It is difficult to ensure the success of pre-preparation at the time of current competition. Hence, the Anand Super 100 offers the best foundation course in indore, for ensuring the success of the Civil Services Examinations, which can ensure success in competitive examinations.

A three year integrated curriculum has been prepared for students passing 12th standard under Foundation Course, under which the methods of preparing students for the form of a civil servant have been highly scientifically invented. Point-of-talk about the course -

  • First Year

    All the material from NCERT's class 6 to 12 in the beginning of the course, which has been prepared by the Institute in a scientific manner; Students are given.

  • Thereafter, a detailed study of this study material is carried out in the scientific manner experienced and in the guidance of the selected personnel in civil service. This process lasts for about 6 months.

  • In this 6 month time, any background student becomes aware of the basic information of civil service and becomes ready for intensive study as a student of Civil Services.

  • After this initial and basic curriculum, the entire curriculum of the Madhya Pradesh Civil Services Preliminary Examination is prepared in detail by the concerned experts.

  • During this time, students are also studying courses along with curriculum as well as weekly, group discussion (group discussion) as well as general Hindi, English, mathematics, logical abilities and competence etc. As a result, Madhya Pradesh Sub Inspector Examination, Food Inspector, etc., along with State Civil Services Examination, Madhya Pradesh Government Examination A also gets ready.

  • The institute provides expertise for physical capacity development, so that the student gets ready for police services too.

  • Thus the initial year ends.

  • Second Year

    In the second year, the students are prepared with the intensive training of the initial co-main examination of eight months.

  • Subsequently, the student prepares himself for the main examination in the main examination special course of four months in which he practices intensive practice of writing style.

  • Third Year

    In the third year, the student is prepared for final selection, under which he passes the preliminary examination through an eight-month intensive training program at the elementary level. During this time he ensures his success through the Special Test Series.

  • After taking the preliminary examination, he prepares himself from the four-month intensive training program for the main exam. During this time he also completes the main exam test series and successfully gives main examination.

  • After taking the main exam, the student is prepared for interview by two-month interview training program, after which he is finally selected and crossed the barrier of the interview.